Who All Can Apply for Membership.   Following are eligible to apply for the membership of Kurmitola Golf Club (KGC):      

a.         Defence  Service and Civil Government Officers.

 (1)       Serving Defence Services Officers and Retired officers of the rank of Colonel and above, or equivalent. However, officers of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and below and equivalent both serving & retired may apply for membership having 14 handicap. The applicant must prove his handicap by playing with certain members of the Executive Committee nominated for this purpose. In case of Lieutenant Colonel having 16 handicap may be considered at the discretion of the President on case to case basis.

(2)       Serving civil government officers of the rank of Joint Secretary or equivalent and above (Serial 21 and above of Warrant of Precedence 1986) are eligible for Kurmitola Golf Club Membership. Officers serving on contract basis or part time are not eligible.

(3)       Other retired defence services officers and civil government officers may apply for membership in the ‘Private Service Holder/Local Bangladeshi (Civil)’ category. 

b.         Private Service Holder / Local Bangladeshi (Civil) Members.

(1)       Must be 30 years of age.

(2)       Must be a graduate.

(3)       Must be a regular tax payer (minimum personal income tax of BDT 1 lac per annum) and clean CIB record.      

(4)       Senior Management level officers of reputed Multi National and National Companies having at least 7/8 years of working experience.

(5)       Chairman/Managing Director/Directors and Business Owners of reputed companies.

(6)       A company may be considered as reputed if it has a record of paying good amount as corporate taxes. 

            c.         Diplomats.

 (1)       All Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Embassy Officials of the rank of Second Secretary and above can become a member. Officers of all UN Organizations are also eligible as Diplomat Members: 

(a)       World Bank               (b)       Asian Development Bank

(c)        UNICEF                     (d)       WHO, UNDP and IDB etc.

d.         Non-Diplomat (Expatriates).     Foreign Nationals working in Bangladesh having valid work permit in any reputed companies are eligible for membership.

 e.         Corporate Member.  Prestigious corporate houses may apply for one, two, three or four member corporate membership. Members nominated by the corporation would be entitled to avail the club facilities and they can be replaced with new incumbent as per the terms and conditions of club membership. This facilities will be provided to those corporate houses who have made minimum contribution of BDT 5 million per annum under corporate social responsibility (this clause is applicable for local corporate house). 

 f.          Single Spouse

 (1)       After the demise of the honorable member, his/her spouse would be given ‘Single Spouse’ membership as per existing policy. Minor children (as per club record) of the deceased member will be considered as dependent member up to 25 years of age. Spouse concerned has to apply within one year from the date of demise of the member concerned to avail the ‘Single Spouse’ membership. Amongst the dependent members who would be playing golf regularly, after attaining 25 years of age may apply for full membership with discounted rate.

 (2)       Golf playing dependent members, who have already crossed 25 years of age and were waiting to apply for full membership at a discounted rate, may be allowed to apply as of age and entrance fee mentioned in sub-para  f. (1) above.

 (3)       If a ‘Single Spouse’ member expires, his / her dependent members will continue to avail above mentioned facilities. 

g.         Single Lady.  For encouraging ladies to play golf in maximum number Single Ladies may be admitted by Executive Committee as Single Lady Member.  As Single Lady Member her spouse and children are not entitled to use club facilities. 

h.         Dependent Members.

(1)       Spouses of the members irrespective of age can become member of the club without paying additional entrance fee till the member is alive or his/her membership remains valid. 

(2)       Children of Members.       Children of the members can remain dependent members up to the age of 25 years.  After 25 years of age only the playing dependent members may apply for full-fledged membership as a local Bangladeshi. Minimum age for dependent members to apply should be 25 years.  

(3)       Children over 30 years of age would not be considered as dependent members. 

(4)       Dependent-turned regular members will avail all the facilities like a regular member except that their dependents will not be offered regular membership at discounted rate. 

j.          Bright Junior Golfers.    Junior Golfers who are talented and their handicap is 5 (five) or below may apply for KGC membership. They will be tested for handicap and if found suitable (handicap-5 or below) will be awarded membership. This membership will remain valid up to the age of 18 (Eighteen) years. Their entrance fee is exempted. 

k.         Special Temporary Member        National team players / coach may be awarded Special Temporary membership. This is to be approved by Executive Committee once in a year. Their entrance fee is exempted. This will also be a single membership, thus their dependents will not enjoy any discount. 

l.          Honorary Member.        Bangladeshi or Foreigners with outstanding National or International importance or outstanding contribution in sports will be awarded Honorary Membership. Their entrance fee is exempted. 

2.         Applying Procedure. 

a.         An individual willing to become member of KGC would collect a prescribed Membership Form from the Chief Executive Officer paying Tk. 500.00 (five hundred) in cash. 

b.            The Membership Form must be deposited to the Club Secretariat with the following documents: 

(1)           Proposal Form and description form duly filled in and signed by the applicant. 

(2)       Four copies of latest passport size photograph of the applicant. 

(3)       Certified true copy of the current year’s income tax return. 

(4)       Certified true copy of valuation of Income Tax Return submitted to the Income Tax authority. 

(5)       Certified true copy of paid Income Tax Challan. 

(6)       Recommendation from a permanent member of KGC. 

(7)       A cross cheque of the full entrance fee to be submitted along with the application form in favour of Kurmitola Golf Club. 

(8)       Photocopy of National ID Card/Passport 

3.         Procedure for Security Clearance.  KGC’s Membership awarding system may broadly be divided into following two categories basing on the procedure followed for obtaining security clearance from DGFI:

a.         Category-1. 

(1)       No DGFI clearance is required for serving defence services officers (Colonel Equivalent and above), Defence Attaché / Military Attache, Diplomats, Single Spouse (Deceased Member), Champion Junior Golfers, Special Temporary Member & Honorary Member. 

(2)       On receipt of the application form it is placed before Vice President KGC for approval. 

b.         Category-2.  The application form of this category will be processed for obtaining DGFI clearance before awarding the permanent membership: 

(1)       Retired Defence Service Officer.(2)       Civil Government service Officer.

(3)       Local Bangladeshi.

(4)       Corporate.

(5)       Expatriate Non-Diplomats.

(6)       Single Lady.

(7)       Children of Members. 

On receipt, the applications are placed before the Balloting Committee for scrutinizing the papers and interviewing the candidates (at a given date, preferably once in every month). The Chairman Balloting Committee recommends the candidates against each name by red ink and thereafter application forms are put up before the Vice President KGC for signature through a note sheet. After signature of Vice President applications are to be submitted to DGFI for security clearance. In the meantime applicants will be awarded Use Club Membership (UCM) on receipt of security clearance the same is again placed before the Vice President, KGC for final approval. 

4.         Induction Briefing.             After approval of membership by balloting committee, membership letter to be handed over to category-2 members by Club Captain. Club Captain will give an induction briefing during handing over of the letter. 

5.         Payment System.              Payment of monthly subscription is the responsibility of all members to be paid regularly, Non-payment of monthly subscription, following procedure to be followed: 

a.         Non payment of monthly subscription for consecutive three months – letter to be issued.  

b.         Non payment of monthly subscription for consecutive six months – membership on hold. 

c.         Non payment of monthly subscription for consecutive twelve months – membership to be suspended and may be cancelled. 

d.         For reinstatement of membership applicant will have to pay 20% of entrance

fee applicable for his/her categories. 

Authority:  Minutes of the 39th Executive Committee meeting held on 14 March 2012 vide No. 100/7/EC/Golf dated 22 March 2012 and Minutes of the 43rd EC Meeting held on 01 October 2015.