Kurmitola Golf Club
Course Layout

KGC is the prettiest and best maintained courses in the sub-continent. The course is strategically challenging and playable round the year.

The history of Kurmitola Golf Club (KGC) dates back to the mid-fifties. Shifting from its original location (presently Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport), it finally settled at the present site in the mid-sixties. Initially the layout of the course was done by a keen golfer and architect Mr. Pennink but newly laid course was redesigned and developed to its present challenging form by Dr. Sukitti Klangvhisai, Ph.D. Now Kurmitola Golf Club is an international golf club having linked with all renowned club of the world. An area of 126 acres well laid out for professional golf.

Kurmitola Golf Club Course Layout

History of Kurmitola Golf Club​

Kurmitola Golf Club Old Club House

The history of the Kurmitola Golf Club can be traced back to 1950. At that time club was located at Sahrawardy Uddyan named as Dhaka Golf Club. Due to increase of interest in golf it was later shifted to abandon Kurmitola Airfield in 1955 which is now Hazrat Shahjalal (RA) International Airport. That area was later selected for International Airport and as such a committee was formed to select a suitable place. Accordingly, the committee had selected the present location, then the Golf course shifted to its present location in 1960 which is now known as Kurmitola Golf Club. Total area of this club is 126.20 acres. This area is Defense land.

Organized tournaments are being held regularly at Kurmitola Golf Club (KGC) after independence of country. Bangladesh Amateur Golf Championship (BAGC) an international golf tournament is being held KGC since 1982. Approximate 50 international amateur and professional golf tournaments held at KGC including five Asian Tour, many Asian Development Tour (ADT) and Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI).