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Tournament Registration Procedure

  • KGC announces with great pleasure the introduction of online registration for forthcoming tournaments.  The participants will no longer need to make a long queue early in the morning for getting a slot.  They will now be able to register and get their desired slot sitting at home. The forthcoming Amateur Golf Tournaments shall be conducted/held for 2⅟2 days from Wednesday to Friday.
  • Registration for every tournament shall be activated at 1000 hours on Saturday and shall be closed at 1400 hours on Monday.
  • Tournament Committee shall reserve the right to make changes in the flight schedule / groupings in necessary.
  • Step 2.  Click on ‘Member Login’.  Space for membership number and password will appear on screen.
  • Step 3.  Enter your ‘Membership Number’.
  • Step 4. Enter password.  To begin with everybody will enter common password, ‘123’. Respected members are requested to change common password after first log in. 
  • Step 5. Log in.  If you want to change your password, click on ‘Change Password’.
  • Step 6. Click on ‘Tournament’.  The word Registration will appear.
  • Step 7. Click on ‘Registration’.  Tournament name, date and category will appear on screen.
  • Step 8. Click to choose date and category.  Chart showing details of tournament will appear on screen.
  • Step 9. Click on your available desired ‘Tee Off Time’.  Tournament Registration Form will appear on screen.  Please note that max 4 can register on one slot.
  • Step 10. If you are satisfied with the information shown on the ‘Tournament Registration Form’, click on ‘REGISTRATION’ to complete your registration.
  • Cancellation
    Participants may follow the steps below to cancel his / her
  • Go to step 7.
  • Click on your Name.  The player information form will appear on the right.
  • Click on ‘CANCEL’ to cancel your registration.
  •  After cancellation you may go for fresh registration.
  • Other Club Member / Sponsors’ Guests.  Registration for other club members / sponsors’ guests will be done manually.