Procedure for Security Clearance

Procedure for Security Clearance.

KGC’s Membership awarding system may broadly be divided into following two categories basing on the procedure followed for obtaining security clearance from DGFI:



  • No DGFI clearance is required for serving defence services officers (Colonel Equivalent and above), Defence Attaché / Military Attache, Diplomats, Single Spouse (Deceased Member), Champion Junior Golfers, Special Temporary Member & Honorary Member.
  • On receipt of the application form it is placed before Vice President KGC for approval.



The application form of this category will be processed for obtaining DGFI clearance before awarding the permanent membership:

  • Retired Defence Service Officer.
  • Civil Government service Officer.
  •  Local Bangladeshi.
  •  Corporate.
  •  Expatriate Non-Diplomats
  • Single Lady.
  • Children of Members.


On receipt, the applications are placed before the Balloting Committee for scrutinizing the papers and interviewing the candidates (at a given date, preferably once in every month). The Chairman Balloting Committee recommends the candidates against each name by red ink and thereafter application forms are put up  before the Vice President KGC for signature through a note sheet. After signature  of Vice President applications are to be submitted to DGFI for security clearance. In the meantime applicants will be awarded Use Club Membership (UCM) on receipt of security clearance the same is again placed before the Vice President, KGC for final approval.