Policy on Use Club Membership


1. Use Club Membership.  This is the first phase of membership to be given to all new members.  This assessment period of membership is given for a period of minimum six months to play golf and avail other club facilities.  During this period the applicant would be allowed to use the following club facilities:

a. Driving range facilities, practice greens for chipping and putting.

b. Use of Golf Course.

  1. Handicappers can play after submission of handicap certificate and obtaining clearance from Club Captain.
  2. Non-handicappers have to follow handicap awarding procedure for obtaining handicap. However non-handicappers are allowed to use the course with a coach on the date and time mentioned in the policy.

c.         Restaurant and Bar facilities.

d.         Billiard Room, Mini Gym and Swimming Pool facilities.


2. Requirement of “Use Club Membership”.  Within this 06 (six) months time a member has to play / practice golf for minimum 30 days and attend all club functions.  Individual member has to record his presence in the registration desk or with General Manager (GM), Golf Operations.  Non-handicapper has to take sufficient lessons from the trainer and then can go to the field with the trainer as per the policy for obtaining handicap.  Non-handicapper has to drop minimum 10 eighteen holes score cards or 20 nine holes score cards before applying for handicap.

a. Security clearance from DGFI (not required for Serving Defence Service Officers, Diplomat and Attaché).

b. Minimum 30 days attendance in the club for golf play or practice.

c. Dropping minimum 10 eighteen holes score cards or 20 nine holes score cards.

d. Non receipt of any complain from any club member.

e. Clearance of all dues / club monthly subscriptions.

f. Correct demonstration of golf manner and etiquette.

g. Abiding by the club dress code, instructions, rules and regulations.

h. Will use the KGC Driving Range and Golf Course for practice/obtaining handicap as per existing club rules.


3. Use Club Member will have to strictly follow the following:

  1. Use Club Member are not authorized to propose a new member.
  2. Children of Use Club Member will not be allowed to apply for independent membership till permanent membership is obtained by his/her parents.
  3. Use Club Member will have to pay monthly subscription @ Tk. 5,000.00 for Civil member, Tk. 1,000.00 for Armed Forces member, Tk. 1,250.00 for Civil Govt Officials, Tk. 2,500.00 for Single Lady and Children of Member till permanent membership is obtained (After obtaining Handicap certificate).
  4. An Use Club Member will not be able to apply for absentee membership within one year.

4. Permanent Membership.  Permanent membership shall be granted by the Club Authority. Such permission shall be given once he is found suitable in all respect.  Application for permanent membership shall be considered after successful completion of Use Club Membership i.e. Obtaining Handicap, Security Clearance by DGFI and completing all other formalities as mentioned at Para 2, Sub-Para a to h.